Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Born Shoot with my daughter Emily Francis

I had the privelage doing a New-born shoot my first born, Emily Francis. Only 11 days old, we decided to do her shoot, it was touch and go with the mom being very nervous we pushed through and the shoot turned out well.

As part of our new offering, I had the pleasure of shooting my own daughter. Please feel free to share and leave a comment.


She is a gift of God and I am so glad that we done this shoot. if you would like to photograph your family or new-born baby, we offer excellent service at affordable rates. You can contact Darren Francis on 0834303299 or

Please note that these pictures are copyrighted and may not be used in anyway (paid for or none) without the consent of the owner Darren Francis Photography.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Toilet talk and the media

Well the debate has been going on for many years since the proliferation of the internet , Mobile device/technology. According to international IT research powerhouse Gartner Inc, consumer spending grew past $2.1 Trillion in 2012 on Digital devices, content and services.

The death of print media is neither here nor there and the age old argument that newspaper print and other print will soon be dead is but talk and only talk. After 10 years of Print is dying, print is dead blah blah blah.

We see an increasing number of new magazines being printed and due to the increase of publications the market demands online content for ease of use but newspaper is still want they want to hold.

This article indicates that consumers still prefer print over mobile devices but notwithstanding the growth of mobile devices and technology. We will see a dip in print, but not to sound like a stuck record but print will be here for years to come. Who knows, maybe someday when this blog is in a museum, will the next three generations ask, Mom, Dad what is a newspaper? But for as long as we have toilets, newspapers are here to stay.

These are my views and only my views and not that of any company, corporation or any other legal entities. #SMED13

Friday, February 1, 2013

Clint & Cindy Newkirk Wedding - 08 December 2012

Tranquil and quaint wedding in the famous Cape/Stellenbosch Winelands, Clint and Cindy Newkirk became one on 08 December 2012. This memorable day will never be forgotten, the couple were beautiful and Darren Francis Photography had the opportunity to capture their moments. Check out some of the memories.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wedding of Nolan & Joanne Naidoo - 10 March 2012

Well Well, after much silence I came out of the closet again and dusted off my camera and shared the special moments with Joanne and Nolan Naidoo. Nestled in quaint valley of Constantia, Nolan and Joanne tied the knot at The Range, a blissful day filled with laughter and joy the couple had a beautiful day.

The pics below are a selection of the entire day. If you have seen this and like it or hate it let me know it’s always good to have positive criticism.

Enjoy Darren

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Been a while, but we have been busy

As you might have seen from my last post, it has been a while since i have posted something on my blog. Well, firstly my apologies for the lack of visual stimulation that I robbed you from ha ha ha.

I promise (scouts honour) that I will be updating my blog on a weekly basis.

Too start off with, the past few months has been busy. Changing jobs, getting married, moving house and snapping various weddings and events in and around Cape Town. So from what you can read, it's been busy busy busy.

2010 is the year of moving forward, so what you will see below is 2009 in review, blast from the past so to speak, but for 2010 we will be moving forward!!!

Have a look at what happened throughout 2009:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What my clients had to say

Couple: Andrew & Karen Hendricks
Wedding Date: 29 November 2008

We got married on a beautiful summers day on a stunning wine estate between Stellenbosch and Klapmuts.

I don’t think all the descriptive words in the world would be enough to describe or explain just how special Darren made our wedding day. Andrew and I were wondering just how we could do his work justice by using just the right words, but this seemed to be an impossible task. Words can never describe the masterpiece he created for us.

Darren does not only take photos, he creates magic. He captured our day exactly as it happened. He captured emotions, the laughter, the tears. You can actually feel the emotion by looking at the pics. When we looked at the pictures taken on our wedding day we relived every moment.

Wherever we go people have complimented us on the stunning pictures. Its like everyone wants a picture as a memorabilia of the day. Darren we could not have asked for a better person. Thanks for capturing the most beautiful day of our lives.


Andrew & Karen

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ryan and Angelique takes the next step

Set in the majestic valley of the Cape Winelands, Ryan and Angelique have chosen Lanzerac, one of the most exquisite wedding venues to be joined in matrimony on the 8th of August 2009. I had the pleasure of meeting this warm and friendly couple for coffee, where we discussed what I can do for them as a photographer.

After much deliberation and negotiations, it was unanimous that I would be chosen to share their day with them. Yes, I was chosen as their wedding photographer and what an honour it is. Celebrating such a momentous day, we could not negate the opportunity to do an e-session and what a good decision that was.

We meet a few weeks later at the place where Ryan proposed to Angelique.

Full of laughter and cheer, Angelique played along as we recreated the day Ryan popped the question. “Come on Ryan on your knees chanted Angelique”. Ryan, now turning a light shade of red, giggles, gets on his knees and plays along. He gazes at her and for a moment it seemed as Ryan has lost his voice and the ability to think straight. Peeping through my view finder, I see the love and respect they have for each other. As Ryan gazes and Angelique getting lost in the moment, they embraced without saying a word and like magic, they knew what they wanted to say to each other.

Overlooking the Stellenbosch wine valley, I saw why Ryan chose this place to propose too Angelique. Filled with pristine beauty, peace and calmness, the wine lands were metaphors of Ryan and Angelique.

A blessed and passionate couple, I wish you all the best for your wedding preparation and am looking forward to making your day a success.

Best wishes

Your Photographer

Here's a few more pictures of their e-session: