Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What my clients had to say

Couple: Andrew & Karen Hendricks
Wedding Date: 29 November 2008

We got married on a beautiful summers day on a stunning wine estate between Stellenbosch and Klapmuts.

I don’t think all the descriptive words in the world would be enough to describe or explain just how special Darren made our wedding day. Andrew and I were wondering just how we could do his work justice by using just the right words, but this seemed to be an impossible task. Words can never describe the masterpiece he created for us.

Darren does not only take photos, he creates magic. He captured our day exactly as it happened. He captured emotions, the laughter, the tears. You can actually feel the emotion by looking at the pics. When we looked at the pictures taken on our wedding day we relived every moment.

Wherever we go people have complimented us on the stunning pictures. Its like everyone wants a picture as a memorabilia of the day. Darren we could not have asked for a better person. Thanks for capturing the most beautiful day of our lives.


Andrew & Karen


  1. Great work,
    Keep it up...

  2. It's always great to get some good positive feedback from your clients.. their review here of your work is nothing sort of excellent dude. This indeed was a stunning wedding and they have all the reason to be impressed with your work. Keep it up Mr D. .. make us all proud.

  3. Well, Mr Frans.

    I couldn't have done it without your help. You are trully an amazing friend and photographer. Thanks for assisting with this wedding, it is great to have you as a friend and fellow photographer.

    Well, all I will say is watch this space